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How We Make A Difference

As a charity with over 100 years experience we strongly believe that helping people in need is not just about giving them things to enhance their health and well-being, but about them playing a full role in the process too. That’s why we call our beneficiaries Remembrance Workers – because they participate by volunteering in our communities, and by so doing benefit not only themselves but others too. We call it:

“Helping People, To Help Themselves, By Helping Others”.

So, what benefits does participation in volunteering bring. Well, quite simply it:

-Supports mental and physical health by providing a purpose in life, mental and physical stimulation and exercise, as well as routine and structure.

-Provides a social outlet, both in the hospital and with the wider Remembrance Worker colleagues, helping to counter the negative effects of depression, social isolation and loneliness.

-Gives people self-confidence and belief as they use their skills in a useful community setting.

-Allows people to learn new skills and to pass their own skills on to others.

-Takes the strain off hard-pressed hospital support services and allows then to concentrate their resources directly on clinical care.

-Takes the strain off community clinical and social services as the volunteer workers health and well-being improves.

So, win-win all round. It’s part of our formula for success and it really works.