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We provide direct, practical and enduring support to Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force veterans, their widows and dependents, and retired nurses.  There are no barriers to receiving this support – as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, and are willing to get stuck in and help your community through voluntary work, we will support you.


That we can help as many as possible UK Armed Forces veterans, their widows and dependents, and retired nurses to find a purpose in life if they need it, to enjoy lasting good health and personal well-being, and to continue to help their local communities and social institutions.

We want to become more inclusive by reaching out to a new generation of veterans, their widows and families, and retired nurses.  Our current Remembrance Workers range in age from 60 to 90 plus, and are mainly veterans, widows or dependents of the WW2, Korean War and Northern Ireland campaigns.  We now want to extend our help and support, as soon as we have raised sufficient funding, to a younger generation, particularly those who served in the First Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We also want to expand our services to cover the whole of the Greater London area, and in particular areas such as the East End where we believe that helping finding people a useful purpose in life, and for them to help their communities, would be of huge benefit.


Integrity:  Our last 100 years of support has been based upon honesty, transparency and a strong moral framework.

Commitment:  A strong belief in rebuilding lives and maintaining the social fabric of our country that has endured since our formation.

Respect:  For those who so generously support our work.  We recognise that every penny donated by you has been hard-earned, and that we need to ensure that we work equally hard to spend it well. This means that we will continue to run effectively and efficiently, but continue to seek out opportunities where we can reduce our operating overhead, and spend more on our beneficiaries, without affecting the quality of our services.


As an Armed Forces charity, with over 100 years experience, we strongly believe that helping people in need is not just about giving them things to enhance their health and well-being, but about them playing a full role in the process too. That’s why we call our beneficiaries Remembrance Workers – because they participate by volunteering in our communities, and by so doing benefit not only themselves but others too.

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It all began in 1915. The First World War was in its second year and many of our men were away in France fighting for their country, and suffering almost unendurable hardship in the trenches. They needed help.

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We provide a holistic offer for all of our beneficiaries to ensure that they can continue to contribute to their own well-being and to our local communities.  An important part of this is our welfare offer.

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We are hugely privileged to work with some of London’s greatest hospitals in delivering volunteering services to the community.

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