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A fascinating extract from a General Medical Council publication dated Nov 8 1924.



On the eve of the sixth anniversary of Armistice Day it gives us great pleasure to testify to the activities of the League of Remembrance (1914-1919).

Having now had several years of experience of the work of the League, we are in a position to form an opinion of its usefulness. It confers practical benefits to all institutions connected with the health of the nation which have to seek its assistance. This opinion is based not only on an inspection of the work carried out at the League of Remembrance, but also on our practical experience from the hospital point of view of its value in the work of the wards.

Hospitals, infant welfare centres, and organisations of a similar kind have only to send materials and patterns, and the League makes them into the finished article required, without making any charge for its services.

We have personally inspected the workrooms; the specially- equipped department in which the surgical dressings are made receives our-warmest commendation, as also do the hygienic and aseptic principles which are exercised throughout the whole establishment. We can, moreover, testify to the promptitude, accuracy, and excellence with which the work is performed.

The League of Remembrance. a continuation of the War Hospital Supply Depot movement, is, we believe, the only institution of the kind in the world. It has proved of great service to the hospitals, and the number of appeals for help is continuously increasing. These appeals are straining its present resources to the utmost, and we strongly recommend to public inspection and support this organization, which has taken, as an integral part of its business of remembering, the relief of the sick and suffering.

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