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Identify the Needy

Take a lonely, isolated veteran, widow, or retired nurse.

Match to Hospital

...match them to one of our great London hospitals.


...allow them to reach their potential by delivering volunteer services.


…and the result is a happy individual, happy patients and happy hospitals.

Meet Our Remembrance Workers

Come and take a look at what our Remembrance Workers do

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Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of the League of Remembrance. They bring to the table a huge depth and breadth of expertise, with extensive experience in government, the Armed Forces, and the general business and medical professions.

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General Information

Want to see all our latest news, read some more about our volunteer heroes, or see how we are performing - then look here.

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“My name is Shanti and I’m a Remembrance Worker. I work as a volunteer at St George’s Hospital, where I act as a guide and information point.

How did I become a Remembrance Worker? Well, my husband fell ill, and received such fantastic treatment by the hospital that I wanted to give something back.

It’s fantastic. I love doing my best for others – and doing that is best for me too.”

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